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13th Feb 2013

Looking For Work? JobBridge Has An Interesting Internship On Offer…

If you've ever wanted to become the 'Leader of the Worldwide Catholic Church' today's your lucky day!

Are you currently looking for work? Fancy getting some hands-on experience from the big man upstairs? Well it’s your lucky day, because the Catholic Church is offering an intern position for the role of ‘Leader of the Worldwide Catholic Church’ on JobBridge.

As the picture above illustrates, you’ll be reporting directly to God. You’ll also “gain practical experience in working in a busy major religion, working in a team (+one billion members)” and “working to deadlines.”

The job description states that you’ll get formal and informal training in areas such as “dogma,” “Cannon Law” and “some minor bookkeeping duties.” At the end of your internship youll also have attained skills in “praying, basic administration and HR issues that arise in a major religion.”

The best thing about this job is the fact that you’ll still get your Social Welfare payment, but you’ll also be given €50 extra a week. And you’ll just have to work for 4/5 hours every single week.

The internship lasts “until death” but the job description states that this is completely negotiable. Oh and the Holy Spirit will provide any tech support if you have IT issues during your internship. Good to know.

If you’re interested, you’ll need the following: an A+ in Leaving Cert Civics and Religion and a certain level of ‘Holiness.’