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08th Dec 2012

Lonely Maloney: X-Factor Bosses Accused of Faking Christopher Maloney’s Homecoming

Did the bosses really 'rent-a-crowd' for Christopher's return to Liverpool?

Has the X-Factor gone a bit too far this time? According to reports this morning, show bosses actually faked scenes for tonight’s series final in order to make Christopher Maloney appear more popular than he actually is.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that producers were spotted handing out placards to passers-by as Chris arrived in Liverpool on Tuesday to film the homecoming scene of his showpiece.

Sources are also claiming that when Chris visited his call centre workplace, extra staff were drafted in from other departments by X-Factor producers in order to make up more numbers and to fill out the scene a little bit more.

“I don’t actually work in here, I was just told to come down and fill up the office because there weren’t many people apparently,” said one worker who was at the Liverpool Mutual Homes call centre.

“They just said, come down and watch – and I might be on the telly. I don’t really know Chris to be honest, I’m sure he’s a nice lad but I can’t really pretend to know anything about him,” the worker added.

“I only came down because I heard Gary Barlow was going to be here. I’m a bit gutted now, I might not bother staying,” said another worker.

This isn’t the first time X-Factor bosses have been accused of faking scenes…

Chris’s arrival in the office was reportedly rehearsed by show bosses who handed out party poppers to members of the staff and instructed them to let them off as Chris opened the door. Apparently the staged arrival was recorded twice because producers didn’t feel that the first one was “enthusiastic” enough.

Over the past few weeks, Christopher has become a controversial contestant and has divided the judges on numerous occasions.

This is the second time that the X-Factor bosses have been accused of faking scenes. What do you think? And, more importantly, who do you want to see leave the show tonight?