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29th Nov 2013

Live Blog: The Late Late Toy Show

It's finally here...


It’s finally here! After months of preparation, we have finally reached one of the best nights of the year, The Late Late Toy Show.

Now, we know Ryan and the kids will be doing some amazing work this evening, so we decided to keep you company for the entire night, to have the chats, marvel at the toys and have a bit of a laugh.

Michelle McMahon, Grace O’Reilly, Sue Murphy and Cathy Donohue will be here for the craic and we will be over on @Herdotie for the evening too! Sure, give us an oul tweet.


23.45 This is too sad… We want it to come back. See you next year! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

23.44 So long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Goodbye

so long

23.41 There’s a finale. Stop everything. There’s a finale.

23.40 Oh no, please don’t go.

23.37 A way better club.

book club

23.35 “They hate each other. I’ve no idea why they’re married.” Quote of the evening.

23.34 Pretty impressed kids still read Roald Dahl. LOVE Roald Dahl.

23.32 Is there anything to be said for another jig?


23.32 Oh no, it can’t be over. NOOOOOOOOOOO

23.20 Oh, we’ve a jig and everything!

23.29 Faster than the speed of light.


23.26 A teddy bear that sings One Direction songs! What more could you want from life?

23.22 Darth finally came to pick Ryan up.


23.20 Here’s the wonderful Mary.


23.19 Everything must now stop. Our real leader, Darth Vader is here.

23.16 Oh my god, we love Mary. She’s adorable.

23.15 NO CAPES!

23.14 Seriously, she made her own cape.


23.13 Versus Christmas Rapping


23.13 Christmas Wrapping


23.12 A Superhero cape? We must have this.

23.10 Have you ever seen Ryan this happy? Ever?


23.09 Christmas Rap without the W.

23.06 Aw Shane, Ryan Jr., the baby calf. Hero.

23.04 The train is off the tracks. This is not a drill.

22.59 Is this the best moment of his life? Possibly!

that moment!

22.58 It’s true…

it's true

22.54 Donal just stole the show. Actually just stole the show. We love this kid. He’s adorable.

22.54 Look at that kid’s face!!!! He’s actually in shock… Robbie, we love you.

22.53 That’s some jacket. Showing up Tubs.

22.52 Ryan looks a bit starstruck…

baby bieber

22.51 “They’re just not my team.” What a hero.

22.49. Stop Everything.


22.47 We’re just trying to get over Bosco… These poor girls, when you follow Bosco.. Tough.

22.44 Oh my GOD IT’S BOSCO!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP EVERYTHING!!!

22.44 Care Bear countdown!

22.43 London Bridge is falling down… Still. Well played, Ryan.

22.42 Actual Care Bear alert!

22.41 Good job Saoirse!


22.39 Good on ya Saoirse!! And the choir from St. Brigid’s School.

22.38 You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…

22.37 Born performer. The Cup Song

22.36 Shtone mad for speed.


22.35 Every child driver, ever.

milk van

22.32 Born Ready!

born ready

22.31 He actually said “the speed of him”. Hero.

22.30 Move over Ryan… You might as well leave now. Fergal’s doing an amazing job.

22.29 Fergal’s letter, in case you missed it. He’s BORN READY!


22.28 And Fergal enters…

22.26 Unimpressed and confused.


22.23 Special guests, Rihanna and Destiny.

special guests

22.21 Oh my god, Rihanna and Destiny Child are singing on the Toy Show.

22.20 Ryan takes a selfie! Amazing…


22.17 Destiny is named after Destiny’s Child. Nothing else can top this for the rest of the show.

22.16 When you have hair like this, there’s no where else to go.


22.15 Ryan’s jumper. Amazing

son of a

22.15 Ryan has learned the word selfie this year. What’s happened?

22.14 Well, they loved that. Age. Heroes.

22.13 Age are putting us all to shame. Seriously, did Tubs just say one of them is 10?

22.12 We love the Strypes… Where are they?

Picture 3

22.11 He’d definitely win the Lovely Laugh competition.

22.08 Wouldn’t mind hanging around with that kid for the day, he know his stuff. “I love collecting the cows.”

22.08 It’s ok, we have a Nutcracker type jumper. Everything has returned to normal. Nothing to see here.


22.03 You can’t tease us like that Ryan! SPLITS PLEASE!

22.02 Oh dear


22.01 Must have designer bags for the season!

photo (12)

22:01 Oh no, Ryan has repeated a toy. There is no going back from here.

22.00 Man makes a point.


21.58 There’s a cute-ometer? Where is this?

21.57 These kids have a LOT of friends…

21.54 It’s been done.


photo (10)

21.50 Aoife, we love you. Dodgeball is her favourite sport.


21.48 “That one’s Ryan and that one’s Ryan Tubridy.” Kid has the smarts.

21.47 Oh my God, a kid just came out of a house.

Tubs: “What’s this?”

Kid: “It’s a house.”

21.46 Tubs “I like this Nerdy Doll here…”

21.45 And here was that beautiful suit…

photo (8)

21.44 Aoife just really loves that dress, the pet. Loves dodgeball. Heroine.

21.43 And here we all are…

toy show3

it's so fluffy

21.40 It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!!!

21.39 Looks like Tubs had way too much fun there… He didn’t need back up.

21.38 LOOK AT HIS SUIT!!!!!

21.37 Nice Mary Poppins musical number to start us off!

So we have been in preparation all day for the event.

21.36 And we’re off!

And Ryan has begun the proceedings…

Oh my God, he just blew us a kiss.

family guy

Family Guy Peter and Stewie (and Rupert)

toy show2

21.23 We’re nearly there… However, we’ve already eaten all of the food in the office.

21.32 The Late Late Toy Show is back after the break! We’re glad we helped to get it trending!