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25th Oct 2015

Lisbon Airport Staff Left Red-Faced After Serious Baggage Claim C*ck Up

Funnily enough, there were no complaints.

Megan Cassidy

It wasn’t just the planes going up in Lisbon Airport this week…

The busy Portuguese airport have been left rather red-faced after a porno was mistakenly broadcast at baggage claim.

One passenger with his wits about him managed to capture the unfortunate mistake on his camera phone, eloquently titling the footage “Lisbon Airport Porn”.

Video via YouTube/VideoLibrary

Surprisingly, the folk waiting for their bags did not seem too scandalised, as not one soul complained or alerted staff to the mistake.

An airport spokesperson told Yahoo 7 News: “At 3:00 a.m. on October 19, along one of the luggage mats from Lisbon Airport, a TV was tuned (without sound) to a Portuguese generalist channel (this is not a porn channel), which at the time ran a soft porn movie.

“The situation was corrected promptly. There were no complaints. We will ensure that these situations are not repeated.”

We’d say plenty of bags did a few rounds of the conveyer belt that night…