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09th Feb 2022

Lidl provided 80,000 free period products since launching period poverty campaign

Up to 85,000 women and girls in Ireland are at risk of period poverty.

Since launching their period poverty campaign, the supermarket Lidl has provided 80,000 units of sanitary products for free to those that need them.

Last year saw the supermarket become the first major retailer to offer a programme to tackle period poverty in Ireland through their partnership with Homeless Period Ireland.

Through the scheme, the foundation donated over 80,000 free period products, as well as thousands more to the Dublin Simon Community via their partnership with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

Figures from the Department of Health and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth suggest that there are between 53,000 to 85,000 girls and women in Ireland who are at risk of period poverty. Moreover, those who are homeless or who may have addiction issues are more likely to be unable to access the sanitary products they need.

Lidl and Homeless Period Ireland shared the progress their campaign has made at an event today titled Combatting Period Poverty with Dignity.

There, Clare Hunt, the CEO of Homeless Period Ireland welcomed the progress made, saying: “Lidl’s support for eliminating Period Poverty in Ireland has created a lightning rod of conversation across the media, political sphere and indeed across the country. Over half of all Irish adults are aware of Lidl’s campaign which launched last year.

“This means that one in every two people know the issues that we face when it comes to accessing period products in Ireland for those who are struggling’”

Meanwhile, Lidl Ireland’s CEO JP Scally said that the supermarket is committed to supporting women and girls in Ireland as legislation surrounding period poverty continues to be debated.

Scally said: “65,000 free period products redeemed in seven months is the highest level of redemption for any in-store initiative that Lidl Ireland has ever experienced. However, we realise that we all need to go so much further in eliminating Period Poverty in Ireland.

“As one of the biggest retailers in the country, we have the scale to support some phenomenal causes, and have a real impact on key issues affecting society and the communities we operate in across the island. We’re not afraid to back issues, to break stigmas and to challenge the norm to help build a better workplace, a better environment and ultimately a better society for us all.”