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21st Oct 2013

License to Chance It: Irish Man Returns Lost License with Epic Letter

We can only imagine that Nicola will be delighted to have her driving license returned to her.

We’ve all been there after a night on the tiles; the test to check if you have your phone, keys, wallet and ID. It’s a complete pain in the backside when any of the above are missing. Thankfully, there are some gentlemen left in the world, and Vinny from Derry is one of them. Vinny was cleaning his room when he came across a driving license that didn’t belong to him. And so, he wrote this rather wonderful letter to the owner, enclosed with the returned license.

If this were a movie, this pair would end up married. Universe – make it so.


The letter reads…



Miss Nicola Catherine Donnelly. I was recently cleaning my room and happened to find your driving license (attached below). I have no clue how I came to acquire your license but I have decided to do the charitable thing and return it. I have chosen this was of doing so due to me not being able to find you on my social networking site; facebook. It used to be bebo and I am sure someday it will be twitter (looking at market trends) but sure there is no point boring you with these details. My educated guess would lead me to believe that you lost your license in one of Belfast clubs or night venues (if you prefer). I then saw said license and picked it up with every intention of using it if I ever got in trouble but after sobering up I noticed this was not a viable option for two reasons: Reason number 1. I have blonde hair. 2. I am a man (a generous, thoughtful one if you take into consideration I am returning your license without request of reimbursement for the stamp, 2nd class since I am not a wealthy man). 

I have also lost my license before, and another £20 on top of the substantial cost of filling petrol/diesel in to your car is and an unnecessary expense aswell as filling out them f*****g forms (sorry for the language) is just annoying. I hope this gets to your good self (presuming) before you apply for another. Yours sincerely, man that returned (eventually) your license. [SIC]


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