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27th Feb 2013

Lean On Me: The Picture That Shows How Powerful True Love Really Is

This picture of Monique Koll and her boyfriend Nick has gone viral after her friend posted it on Reddit and revealed the story behind it.

Now this is true love. A picture of a man helping his girlfriend to cross a finish line at a marathon in New Orleans has gone viral after the story behind the image was revealed.

A friend of Monique Koll (the woman in the snap) shared the picture on Reddit and explained the background behind it. The picture was taken at a half marathon. In the image, Monique’s boyfriend Nick helps her to cross the finish line, after pushing her in a wheelchair for most of the race.

You see several months ago, Monique broke her spine in a car accident so crossing the finish line was a major step forward for her in terms of her recovery. The fact that her boyfriend pushed her the entire way also just goes to show the lengths we’ll go to for the people we love.

“I sincerely hope to see her walk again and tell us about it,” said one Reddit user.

Another applauded her dedication and called her boyfriend Nick a “a class act.”

Monique is currently in rehab trying to learn how to walk again. Next year she hopes to run the half marathon all by herself, instead of being pushed in a wheelchair.