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18th Oct 2012

Laters Sister. A Third Of Women In The UK Don’t See Themselves As Feminist

It seems bra-burning and hairy legs are officially out as most women today view traditional feminism as too “aggressive” according to a survey conducted by parenting website Mumsnet.

The feminism debate is a fiery one and although it won women the vote, a right to work and the right to be a working mother to give but a few examples, the majority of women in the UK are turning their backs on the feminist movement.

In a survey of 1,300 women, a third of those interviewed view the traditional feminist ideal as “too aggressive”  towards men and a quarter no longer see ‘feminist’ as a positive label.

The majority also believed they have achieved equality with men on issues like fair pay and skills.

Interestingly a miniscule eight per cent of women ages 20-24 see themselves as feminist but a quarter of women aged 45-50 described themselves as feminist.  

Mumsnet founder Siobhan Freegard says “Modern women feel traditional feminism is no longer working for them as it’s aggressive, divisive and doesn’t take into account their personal circumstances.’

The survey also claims that many younger women cannot identify a time when men and women were not equal.

Freegard adds “Modern women simply don’t view men as ‘the enemy’ – instead men are their partners, their fathers, their brothers and their sons to be loved and cherished. Whether you choose to climb the career ladder and use a nanny to care for your kids, or stay home baking cupcakes for your brood, your choice should be seen as a valid one which is respected and supported by society.”

Mumsnet have coined the phrase ‘FeMEnism’ for this new movement away from the traditional feminist values saying it gives women  the right to live very varied lives without judgement from their peers – rather than be dictated to by women who lived through the struggle for equality in the 70s.

So is it really the end of the road for feminism? We want to hear your views!