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02nd Feb 2013

Last Month Was Officially Miserable – We Knew We Weren’t Imagining It!

Met Office Confirms January Was One Of The Dullest Yet

The month after the festive season is always hard – detox diets, going on the dry and bank accounts in dire straits to name but few – but if you felt that last month was particularly bad, you weren’t alone.

The Met Office have confirmed that January had more rain than usual and less hours of sunshine compared to other years resulting in one of the bleakest in 50 years. 

Dublin was particularly bad with less than 25 hours of sunshine during the entire month making it the capital’s dullest since 1964. 

And, in the west of Ireland, Knock had the dullest month in 16 years.

Most parts of the country also experienced more rainfall than normal and Dublin was again one of the worst hit areas. 

It’s finally safe to pack your wellies away… until festival season kicks off of course

It rained 26 days out of the 31 in Kerry while Clairemorris in Mayo recorded nearly double its average rainfall for January.

So what can you do to make yourself feel a bit better in the month ahead? Temperatures look set to stay in the lower digits but some much needed sunshine is thankfully on its way.

But if that’s still not enough, vitamin D supplements can always help!