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05th Feb 2013

Kerry Man Gets a Fine for Not Displaying His Tax… And This is His Reaction

Sure he's still forking over the money, but there must have been some satisfaction in this...

Getting landed with a fine for having no tax on your car, while you’re in the process of taxing your car has to be considered a complete sickener.

But that’s exactly what happened to Kerry man Daniel Farrell.

Daniel returned to his car in Tralee, Co. Kerry after a visit to the Motor Tax office to find a fine waiting for him.

There’s not much you can do to talk around a traffic warden, as anyone who has ever chanced their arm will tell you, so Daniel decided that he would pay the €60 – but he’d do it his way. The result? We’ll you’re seeing it in the snap above, 6,000 one cent coins.

Daniel explained the story to our bros over at and we figured it was too good not to share. He said; “I got it guys while I was in the tax office getting tax for my car, and while my car was parked up I got a fine off a traffic warden for no tax, so this is my protest, however meaningless”.

Meaningless? Maybe. But pretty funny all the same.