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28th Nov 2012

Kerry Farmer Drives His Tractor Across America In Memory of His Beloved Wife

Kevin Curran and his beloved vintage tractor Betsy went on a memorable journey along Route 66 to raise money for cancer research after losing his beloved wife to the disease.

A Kerry sheep farmer who drove his vintage tractor Betsy across America earlier this month has so far raised over €25,000 for cancer research.

Kevin Curran from Waterville, Co. Kerry lost his beloved wife Eileen to the disease last year and has been fundraising for the cause ever since.

The retired farmer and his tractor embarked on the journey following America’s famous Route 66 and travelled from Los Angeles to Chicago racking up an incredible 12,500 miles.

Kevin and Betsy stop off in Santa Monica to soak up the sun!

Betsy, who was named by Kevin’s late wife, was not allowed on part of the route and had to travel by trailer for 15 per cent of the trip.

According to the Irish Examiner, Kevin said: “We have been using Betsy over the last three years to raise funds for cancer research and we will be taking her on more fundraising drives next year.”

What a grand old trip across the states. We can imagine the pair got off the plane in Farranfore and were only fit for the bed!