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30th Apr 2013

Keep Your Cool: How To Deal With Those Awkward, Embarrassing Moments

We're teaming up with Deep RiverRock to have a look at the silly little things that get on our nerves and, more importantly, how we can deal with them.

We have a confession to make. Sometimes we’re guilty of losing the rag over the smallest, silliest things. You know how it is – something tiny sets you off and you’re ranting like mad before you even realise it.

For the next six weeks we’re teaming up with Deep RiverRock to have a look at the silly little things that get on our nerves and, more importantly, how we can deal with them.

Remember: you can get the best out of every situation, all it takes is a change in perspective, some logical thinking and a bit of hydration to keep your wits in tip-top condition!


There’s nothing more annoying than sending a message and not getting a reply

The Problem: When your boyfriend doesn’t text you back

Picture the scene: you haven’t heard from your other half all day long so you send him a simple ‘hey, what’s up?’ text to see how he’s doing. An hour passes and you receive no reply. ‘No prolem,’ you think, ‘he’s probably just busy.’

But then another hour passes. And another. And another… and another…

You start to get a little bit worried. Is he in some kind of trouble or are you just completely overreacting?

This is a simple situation but it has the potential to drive you mad and become super-stressful. So how do you keep yourself level headed?

How big of a problem is it?

It’s important to sit down and ask yourself if this is a serious problem or if you could just be overreacting slightly. If you’re unsure, here’s a handy way to judge your level of irrationality.

You’re probably overreacting if…You know that he has something on tonight or that he’s driving somewhere.

You’re not overreacting if…You asked him an important question and you really need an answer off him or if he always does this kind of thing to you.

Distract yourself by calling up your bestie or watching a funny film

How to cope:

If you know that your man is busy doing something else, give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he’ll get back to you as soon as he has the chance. If you’re blessed to have a boyfriend who usually responds to you straight away, then there’s a genuine reason why he hasn’t texted back immediately – he’s probably with the lads or doing something else. Distract yourself by having a chat with one of your besties or watching a funny film – don’t wreck your head trying to figure out what’s delying him.

If this kind of behaviour if normal from your other half then it’s probably time you arranged to sit down with him and give him a talking to, especially if it really bugs you that he never writes back. Get all your issues out in the open and if he’s still being a moron, then maybe it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

When you can’t think straight… hydrate.