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15th May 2013

Keep It Down, Will You?! – Two-Year-Old Receives A “Noise Nuisance” Letter For Laughing At Thomas The Tank Engine

Yes, the two-year-old received the letter...

Housing officials in Walsall, West Midlands sent a letter to a two-year-old informing him that he was a noise nuisance and to keep it down. The toddler had been watching Thomas the Tank Engine too loudly.

His mother Jodie Holen was shocked when she opened the letter addressed to her son which requested he become more mindful of his neighbours, according to the Daily Mail.

Jodie claimed the only time her son, Chenlair, was noisy was when he was laughing at his favourite TV programmes.

The angry mother said: ‘It is completely shocking. He is so young he can not open an envelope let alone read the letter. He is just a typical two-year-old boy he is hardly running around estates causing mayhem. The only time he ever makes any noise is when he is laughing in the back garden or watching Thomas the Tank Engine on TV.”

Walsall Housing Group have since apologised for the incident.