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26th Aug 2012

Katie Taylor’s Dad Wants to Open A Boxing School in Their Native Bray

The superstar boxer and her dad are thinking about starting an organisation to inspire children to learn to box.

Katie Taylor’s dad is in talks to set up a new boxing school in their native Bray, County Wicklow.

According to The Irish Mirror, the Olympic gold medalist’s father Peter wants to build a facility where young people can learn to box.

Peter Taylor has reportedly been considering moving Bray Boxing Club for a while now and sees Katie’s success as motivation to build a state of the art facility.

A source said: “Pete has been thinking about moving Bray Boxing Club to a new location for a while.

“Several sites have been mentioned but only one seems to meet the requirements.

Peter wants to build a state of the art facility for boxers in Katie’s native Bray

“Plans for new centre just off the Boghall Road were drawn up several months ago but the money was the issue.

“Everyone knows that boxing is under-funded – there were no toilets in Katie’s gym until a few weeks ago – so the club will need to find new sponsors.

“Once it gets them then a formal planning application can be made.

“The new centre will be a lot more modern than the current boxing club down by Bray Harbour.

“It will have a reception area, changing rooms for men and women, showers – the sort of facilities you would expect but that were never available for Katie,” said the source.

According to the paper, Peter has been inundated with requests for better boxing services as many local people have been inspired by Katie’s success and want to learn to box.

Katie meets the Taoiseach Enda Kenny after winning the Olympic gold.

“Pete is probably the most respected boxing coach out there at the moment.

“He is getting enquiries from all over the country.

“His circuit classes have always been extremely popular and oversubscribed but now, so are his boxing classes.”

The source said Peter is concerned that people are just interested in boxing because it is trendy now and he wants to narrow down the masses to those who actually have the passion and ambition to box.

“Pete hates messers, people who are just interested in boxing because of Katie’s success.

“He wants dedicated people who are going to put in the work.

“And he should have five or six athletes ready to compete in time for the next Olympics,” the source finished.