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28th Mar 2013

“Just Wrap It Up” – Eight Of The Most Awkward Parkinson Interviews

Some of Parky’s famous interviews didn’t go exactly to plan...

Michael Parkinson is an icon of the talk show with a career spanning over 40 years and is often considered by many to be the greatest British talk show host of all time. His late night chat show invited some extremely high-profile guests, many who insisted they would never attend a public interview. Unfortunately with regard to some of his guests, there was a very good reason for that…

1. Meg Ryan

We’re about to bring you a whole lot of cringe. This whole interview is just so awkward!

2. Helen Mirren

Apparently, 35 years later Mirren is still holding a grudge for this one! Why does she sound so different?

3. Ali G

Well, let’s face it. Most Ali G interviews are just really awkward…


4. Rod Hull and Emu

A little less cringe here but still one of the most random Parky interviews. He doesn’t exactly look comfortable here…

5. John Lennon

Someone got a little angry…

6. Victoria Beckham

Because it’s totally normal to talk about your husband like this on television. Poor David!

7. George Michael

Not exactly awkward, but a little more honest than we were perhaps expecting…


8. Muhammad Ali

Woah, calm down there guys! It’s just an interview!