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16th May 2013

Just Two Men Who Do-Si-Do! The Best Way To Raise Awareness About Marriage Equality…

Words can't express how much we love this!


We absolutely love this cute little ditty about two men who do-si-do! Not only is it incrediby catchy, but it was created in order to raise awareness of marriage equality.

Written by Robert Gould and composed by Rob Arbelo, the song comes with a very funny and adorable animated video and tells the story of two men who love to dance the do-si-do at the local rodeo and who are hoping that one day, they’ll be allowed to get hitched like all the straight couples out there.

A very positive way to raise awareness about such an important issue. And the best thing about this song? You can download it by giving a donation which will be used to help spread the word and campaign for marriage equalityin the United States.