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01st Dec 2012

Just Like The Movie: Real Life Lassie Saves His Little Owner’s Life

The pooch kept the tot out of harm’s way after the pair became lost in a freezing dark forest.

How many times have we sat down to watch Lassie as our own pooch lay snoring in front of the fire? Chances are they wouldn’t even budge should a crazy knife-bearing lunatic call in for tea.

It’s at times like this that we dream of Lassie, the dog that not only brought movie dwellers the morning paper but lead them out of a burning house without fail, dashed through the meadows to rescue them from the mine and strategically always bit the bad guy in just the right place.

It turns out there is a real life Lassie and he comes in the form of a pooch called Ashapoo.

The dog travelled on an adventure with his owner and his grandson, Peyton, to cut down an Evergreen to display in the front window of the house come Christmas time.

A real-life Lassie does exist! 

Having trekked deep into the forest, the child and the dog became separated from Granddad in over 300 acres of snowy forestry.

As nightfall arrived and temperatures dropped Peyton’s parents went into a panic enlisting hundreds of volunteers to become involved in the search.

Speaking to WCNC news, the child’s mom Carmen Myrick revealed that she thought the situation was going to end tragically.

However, when the search team approached a barn, they began to hear loud barks before spotting Ashapoo bounding towards them.

The child’s family found the little boy asleep on some hay within the war barn where Ashapoo had lead him after the pair went missing.

Peyton’s dad Rich revealed that the pooch is in for a real treat when he gets home as a well earned steak is on the menu.

“I think he got scared and just lay down and took a nap, and Ashapoo stayed right with him.

“I guess he felt that was his job to protect him and be with him.” And he also said, “I believe the dog was his guardian angel in fur,” he said.

What a smart canine! We’re off to poke our pooch with a stick.