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10th Jun 2013

Joffrey, Jim Carrey and The Job Lot: The Best of Tonight’s TV

Who needs the good weather when you’ve got this lot to enjoy?

From a film that will make you paranoid to the season finale that everyone has been waiting for, here’s what’s on the small screen this evening…

The Truman Show – Film4 (7.05pm)

Jim Carrey stars as a man whose life is, unbeknownst to him, a 24-hour television soap. However a series of events forces him to question everything he knows.

The Family Project – RTÉ One (7.30pm)

This week former hurling champ Tony Griffin is off to County Wicklow to help a family find the balance between sport and work.

Game of Thrones – Sky Atlantic (9.00pm)

It’s all kicking off in the season three finale as young Joffrey stands up to his grandfather and Daenerys faces the people of Yunkai.

Person of Interest – RTÉ Two (9.30pm)

In tonight’s episode of the crime drama Reese is recovering while the CIA keep a close eye on Detective Carter.

The Job Lot – UTV (9.30pm)

A surprise for Trish leads her to promote Karl as acting manager but it’s not long before the pressure gets to him. The last in the series.