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20th Mar 2013

“It’s Turning Our Children!” Lingerie Model Thinks This “Makes” Our Kids Gay

A Colombian model has shared her theory that chowing down on a certain food is actually making children gay. Seriously.

A lot of people have said stupid things during their lifetime, however we’re pretty certain that THIS is the most absurd thing that anyone has ever said in the HISTORY OF ALL TIME. reports that a top Colombian lingerie model has spoken out about chicken and the impact that consuming poultry can have on our children (won’t somebody think of the children?).

Natalia Paris, one of Colombia’s top models, has gone public with her strange theory that chowing down on chicken actually makes children gay. Yes, really.

The model apparently based her theory on various reports that claim chickens are being injected with female hormones to speed up their growth. According to Natalia this “means that these 7, 8, 9 and 10 year old children [who are eating chicken] are having their feminine hormones accelerated… and are starting to become homosexual.”

We’d love to say that the above quote was somehow mistranslated but, believe it or not folks, it’s actually real. Chicken is making our children gay.

The model is convinced that eating chicken can “make” us gay

Now, we know that injecting anything with hormones probably isn’t good for our health but we find it hard to believe that chicken can completely change a person’s sexuality and we’re not the only ones struggling with the model’s strange comment.

Already, Natalia’s remark has caused outrage online.

“I really don’t think it turns people gay but I do think eating beef and chicken injected with hormones is causing health problems,” said one commenter.

“Beauty fades but dumb is forever,” said another.

We really hope that Natalia decides to release a statement or an explanation to her above remark, mainly because we’re finding it hard to believe that she was actually serious when she said this.