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20th Dec 2012

It’s A Fash Off –  We Reveal The Must Have Tips To Conceal A Festive Hangover From Your Co-Workers!

From beauty products to statement necklaces we show you how to battle in style

Believe or not, the best way to draw attention away from your hangover, is to draw attention to your clothes! People will be so busy admiring your accessories, shoes and perfect pout that they’ll over look any sign of bloodshot eyes or unwashed hair.

The War Paint:

Get your game face on and fight the signs of hangover the insiders way with some hard-core beauty weaponry.

If you spot Alexa Chung sporting a red lip it’s because she’s hungover! Apparently the fash packs favourite TV presenter uses a classic red lip to detract from tired, hungover eyes but there’s nothing worse than trying to keep a red lip smudge-free for a day so it’s best to invest in a hard working product. This glossy product from Armani is the perfect pout’s best friend – easy to apply, doesn’t bleed out and stays put for hours, leaving a lovely stain along the way.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 402, €26

Flawless looking skin after a heavy night is pretty much impossible but a concealer is a must to disguise bags, any blemishes and high colour on the cheeks. This handy little wand from Collection 2000 is so easy to use and blends like a dream so you won’t have to spend too long getting your skin in order – perfect if you’ve been hitting snooze a few times too many!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, €4.79

Lack of sleep and one too many can cause red, bloodshot eyes which are a total no-no the next day so give your peepers a boost with some handy to use eye-drops. And they’re small enough to keep in your handbag for any top-up’s throughout the afternoon.

Optrex Eye Brightening Drops, €4.49

The Armour:

Comfort is key when you’re suffering the next day but it’s important to remember that you are still in the workplace so you can’t go all out-scruffy!  And although it’s tempting to want to crawl into the comfiest thing you can find, a few simple tweaks can make your workwear seem a whole lot more appealing.

If you’re peepers still aren’t looking their best then a pair of look at me shades are a must! Why else do you think celebrities constantly have a pair of over-sized sunnies glued to their faces no matter what the weather or time of day? We obviously don’t advocate wearing sunglasses at your desk but they’re a life saver for the journey into work!

Sunglasses, €9.27, AJ Morgan at ASOS

Accessories can make or break an outfit and are the perfect way to dress up a dressed down look. We say go big and go bold in statement neon – it’s a major trend for next season and is the foolproof lazy girls guide to giving casual pieces a dressy feel.

Necklace, €48.22, ASOS

Feeling shivery and trying to fight the hangover chill? You should have worn a scarf silly! This chic leopard print design is stylish and will keep you feeling cosy as you countdown the clock.  

Scarf, €19, Oasis

A soft and slouchy jumper in a bright colour is the ultimate off-duty sartorial saviour! It’s comfy without being sloppy and can be teamed with a pencil skirt or worn with your failsafe office trousers. Cobalt blue is the colour of the season and is perfect for injecting a subtle jolt of colour into your look.

Jumper, €34.99, Mango 

Flats are a must when you’re feeling a bit under the weather but make sure you go for an embellished or smart style to keep things looking chic. These bad boys look like slippers, feel like slippers and kind of are slippers but are the kind that are totally acceptable to wear in public so perfect for a hangover day!

 Shoes, €43, Topshop