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10th Dec 2012

“It Seems That in Order to be a Celebrity, You Have To…” Mairead Farrell on one Personal Statement She Does NOT Understand

She feels like 'everyone in the world' has one, bar her. Mairead Farrell on the perils of changing your body, permanently.

I feel like I’ve missed something. 

It’s starting to feel like everyone in the world has a tattoo – bar me! 

Watching the X Factor final, (for the last time I swear), I noticed so many of them. Judge Tulisa loves to flash her naff ‘Female Boss’ one but was told to stop doing so by producers last year. Still, we clearly see it on a regular basis.

Tulisa loves to flash her brand ‘The Female Boss’ at any opportunity

The winner James Arthur “doesn’t know” how many tats he has but we’ve all seen his “love” and “life” tattooed across his knuckles… classy! 

The little cutesie One Direction lads took to the stage, and there is Liam’s latest tattoo – which looks like a small car has driven up his arm and left dodgy tyre marks. 

But it was Rihanna’s performance that got me writing this piece.

She is one of the most beautiful and talented women in the world, yet as she sang her heart out I was totally distracted by her gazillion tattoos.

Rihanna, showing off one of her many tattoos on Twitter

It seems that in order to be a celebrity, you have to get your body inked! What is the attraction with them? I’d like anyone reading this right now to tell me, because I don’t understand the phenomenon.  Everyone says they are extremely painful to get, and they are PERMANENT!

We’re all familiar with the phrase “tramp stamp”, yet still we see so many girls choosing to get some “fashionable” design put at the base of their spine. Why?

I can sort of understand a very personal tattoo where it’s a name of a child, partner, etc… but only sort of.

Chinese symbols? Are you sure it says what the artist says it does?  A dragon on your back, a dolphin on your belly, a Celtic cross on your chest, a football team crest on your arm… I’m baffled.

You see I never hear from some one who LOVES their tattoos, only those who regret them and have spent a lot of money trying to get rid of them. 

Think before you ink … a tattoo is not just for Christmas they are for LIFE (or until you can afford very expensive surgery….).

M x