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26th Nov 2014

Is This 2015’s GOSH Girl?! Proof That Irish Lads Are Absolute Chancers

He's a looker alright but doesn't exactly tick the 'female' box.


GOSH Cosmetics are on the hunt to find their 2015 cover girl and a West Meath man is in the running.

Paul McGovern is in the race to become GOSH Girl 2015 after entering the competition as a joke.

McGovern’s friend Paul Fahy got in touch with our lovely brothers over at and explained just exactly how it came about.

“A friend of mine decided to enter this competition as a piss-take to become the cover girl for GOSH magazine but obviously whoever was screening the applications obviously didn’t realise that he was in fact a man.

“What started out as a joke has actually caught on and the guy is on a couple of hundred votes.”

McGovern’s a looker alright but doesn’t exactly tick the ‘female’ box.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 22.05.01

The chancer has 311 votes to date, (a number that is increasing by the minute), pretty impressive when you consider that the odds are fairly stacked against him.

To help this farmer become the face of GOSH click here.

Our Paddy Caps are off to you, McGovern. We always support the underdog so we will be rooting for you!


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