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12th Jan 2013

Is The Recession Ruining Your Love Life? Sexpert Issues a Warning to Irish Couples

According to sex expert Tony Duffy, we need to open up about our problems in the boudoir and communicate more with our partners...


We all know that the recession has been pretty tough. In the past few years, the economic downturn has brought with it doom, gloom, money problems and, more worryingly, mental problems.

And now? Now a top sex therapist is warning that the dreaded ‘r’ word could be ruining our love lives.

The Irish Daily Mirror reports that anxious men across Ireland are struggling to perform in the bedroom as the strain of mounting bills, job losses and tax hikes play havoc with their bodies.

According to sex expert Tony Duffy, men are so worried about paying the bills that they are finding it impossible to get an erection – a condition that is affecting more and more Irishmen as the months go on.

But it’s not just the boys who are having trouble. The recession is also being blamed for killing off our own sex drives.

“Recession has had a huge impact on people’s sex lives because of the hugely increased stress levels. People are commuting longer distances for work and grafting longer hours for less money, so that’s all taking its toll,” said Mr Duffy.

“The last thing they want is sex. The brain is our biggest sex organ so if you’re stressed, worried and upset it just doesn’t work,” he added.

Is the recession having a negative impact on your love life?

So what can we do to reverse the effects of the recession if it’s causing trouble in the bedroom?

Mr Duffy claims that more relationships and money would be saved if couples would just open up about their problems before their love lives pass the point of repair.

“Therapy is costly but it’s cheaper than a divorce and 95 per cent of the issues people split up over can be talked about,” said Mr Duffy.

“There’s no magic bullet but talking to each other is absolutely key. And you don’t have to spend a fortune or be extravagant to inject some spice into your love life,” he added.