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14th Feb 2013

Is Soggy Cereal Your Pet Peeve? This Is Probably The Coolest Invention Ever

What you need is the Never Soggy Cereal Bowl... how do people think these up?


The bowl ensures “every bite is as crispy as the first”… “Keep the dry stuff dry and the wet stuff nearby”.

This sounds promising. It sounds like all we’ve ever wanted in a cereal bowl.

The Never Soggy Cereal Bowl by Obol has a “unique” design that has a place for cereal and a lower reservoir for your milk. You scoop the cereal into the milk as you go, ensuring your cereal never goes soggy. The motion is even copyrighted, it’s called the Swoop n Scoop. How do people think these things up?

It now includes a matching spoon (yippee) and they’re shipping outside the US if you fancy a bowl for yourself.

PS. We don’t recommend it for Rice Krispies fans, they won’t be guaranteed the thrill of the snap, crackle and pop.


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