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14th Aug 2012

Is Love At First Sight Real? And, More Importantly, Can It Last?

It's not just for Disney princesses, it seems love at first sight can happen in real life too...

Is it just a Disney-thing?

Something that happens to princesses from the top of castle-towers? Or is there really such a thing as ‘love at first sight’?

We know we’ve heard of an attraction at first sight, and that in turn becoming love, but full-on, tummy-knotting, butter-fly-twirling love at first sight? Can it happen in real life?

Apparently its is real… and there is quantifiable research to back it up.

Earl Naumann’s book, ‘Love At First Sight: The Stories and Science Behind Instant Attraction’ is based on this research, including 1,500 in-depth interviews with revealing results. That poor man had to listen to a lot of gushing love stories to come up with the results. We hope he’s happy with them.

Naumann says that love at first (which, in case you don’t know, is defined as within one hour of meeting someone, feeling strange and powerful feelings of love for him or her) only happens to people who believe in it. Just Disney-lovers then…?

The American author said nearly two-thirds of the US population believes in love at first sight. And more than half of those who believe in it have experienced it.

And the romance story continues…

These couples must have felt strongly because a total of 55% of people who experienced love at first sight married the person who gave them that first-look fluttery feeling.

And 75% of these married couples stayed happily together…. 

You can see it coming, but we had to…”and they all lived happily ever after…”