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16th Apr 2013

Is A Spin-Off In The Works? RTE Hints That More Could Be On The Cards For Love/Hate

Would you watch a Love/Hate spin-off?

Were you glued to your telly screen during the last series of RTE’s Love/Hate? If the answer to that question is a resounding ‘YES!’ then we have some good news for you this morning. RTE has commissioned a fifth season of the show and is considering doing a Love/Hate spin-off in the future!

The Irish Independent reports that while the cast and crew of the gritty gangland drama are currently busy filming the fourth series, Glen Killane, the managing director of RTE has revealed that executives have already approved a fifth season.

“It has really proven itself and still has legs in it,” said Mr Killane.

“I can’t say how long I see it going on for, but we’re certain there’ll be a season five. We’re not looking beyond that point yet,” he added.

According to Mr Killane, the drama still has loads more to offer overseas and Love/Hate’s success abroad has paved the way for more RTE shows to migrate to foreign shores. Last year, series one and two of Love/Hate were shown in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

Would a spin-off focus on Nidge or another character in the show?

“Our priority now is to build on the success of Love/Hate because we feel there’s a real opportunity there for us,” said Mr Killane.

And now for the question all of us have been dying to ask: is there a Love/Hate spin-off in the works?

“Potentially yes, that distinctive drama has worked for us and we want more of it. We’re working on drama development and writing at the moment,” said Mr Killane.

Here at we’d love to see a Darren spin-off, mainly because we’re still praying that he’ll be brought back to life in the next season (we’re holding out hope, damn it!)