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07th Apr 2013

Is A Recovery On The Cards? Love/Hate’s Tommy Says He Plans To Stick Around

Nidge may have left him in a coma at the end of the last series, but Killian Scott has said that he wants to spend a few more years working on RTE's Love/Hate.

If you’ve been absolutely killed praying for Tommy (#Pray4Tommy) since the series finale of Love/Hate a few weeks ago, we have some good news for you this morning.

Killian Scott has spoken out about his role on RTE’s gritty gangland drama and has said he’d love to spend a few more years on the programme… providing he survives his current storyline.

The Sunday World reports that Killian, whose character was left in a coma after being attacked by Nidge in the last series, believes that Love/Hate has massive potential and could stay on our telly screens for years to come.

“On the basis that I survive, I’m happy to stick with it until Stuart [Carolan, the writer of the show] sends me to meet my maker,” said Killian.

“I’d very much like to see it out, creatively. It’s something you feel you’ve been involved in, a character that you’ve given life to. You want to be able to see it through to its natural conclusion,” he added.

And we think we speak for most of the female population when we say that we’d also like to see you on our screens for a few more years to come Killian.

Killian and the rest of the Love/Hate cast

Anyway, the actor also revealed that both he and the rest of the Love/Hate cast have been “stunned” by the popularity of the programme.

“None of us expected what happened with Love/Hate before Christmas,” said Killian.

“It became a kind of phenomenon. Its figures were double what they were before. For it to blow up like that was a real surprise,” he added.

The actor has since found himself inundated with film roles and is set to star opposite Brendan Gleeson in an upcoming project entitled Calvary and an Irish drama called Black Ice.

If you’re a little sad that you have to wait so long to see Killian back on the telly, why not head to the cinema where you can see his latest film, Good Vibrations. It’s getting rave reviews and is definitely worth a watch.