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07th Nov 2012

Irish Workers Are Enjoying Expensive Office Romps

You might think that hooking up with a co-worker is only going to create a bit of awkwardness but according to a new study it actually comes at a much bigger price.

Dawn and Tim did it in The Office. Doug and Carol did it in ER. And it seems that the Irish are having office flings as well!

A recent poll has revealed that half of those questioned had hooked up with one co-worker while a quarter had enjoyed multiple office romps.


Tim and Dawn in TV show The Office had a bit of a thing going on.

The study by showed that employees are keen to get together with almost 75 per cent admitting to having a crush on a co-worker and considering making a move.

However not everyone is able to get in on the action as 6 per cent said that their contracts contained clauses forbidding such antics.

Flirting and flings are affecting productivity and profits apparently.

Not surprising considering that it was also revealed that in-house relationships can cost businesses thousands of euros due to a decrease in productivity, which the majority of employees admit is likely to happen when they start flirting with somebody in the office.

Speaking about the findings, spokesperson Mike Taylor said: “You will never stop people from developing romantic feelings towards their co-workers which can often lead to a full blown affair.”