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10th Oct 2017

Irish model shares how she overcame anxiety for World Mental Health Day

Fair play Daniella!

“Work to be truly beautiful ON THE INSIDE in a world that’s obsessed with the packaging”

Daniella Moyles shared her tips for dealing with stress and anxiety today on her Instagram account. In honour of World Mental Health Day, the model shared her words of advice.

Highlighting a number of points, the former broadcaster shared that these are the tips she lives her life by and the same ones that helped her overcome her own battle with anxiety in the past.

Currently travelling the world, having just completed a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, the model advices people to “BE, don’t seem”, as she has spoken out in the past about how people try too hard to create a perfect life on social media when they should be instead focusing on creating their best life in reality.

The 28-year-old shared two beautiful images about being kind to each other and dedicating time to switching off and focusing on yourself and your happiness.

She then continued with this quote for World Mental Health Day 2017.

Before speaking about her own struggles with mental health and tips for weathering the storm.

She then spoke about how yoga has changed her life; with her hope to be a qualified yoga teacher by the end of the year.

And lastly she ended her story with another beautiful quote.

Preach it! We salute you Daniella.