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18th Dec 2015

Irish Man Accidentally Messages His Girlfriend’s Mother With A Risqué Gift Suggestion

Oh. Dear. God. No.

Cathy Donohue

Oh holy Mother of God.

This is one of those embarrassing situations that you hope and pray never ever happens to you and we have heaps of sympathy for this poor lad.

The below WhatsApp conversation was sent into our JOE bros after a poor unsuspecting guy made the mistake of sending a message meant for his girlfriend to his mother.

Yep, that actually happened. Oh and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it features a rather risqué gift idea.


It seems the mistake happened because his girlfriend’s name is saved as “Ashling’s mobile” and her mother’s name is saved as “Ashling’s mom”.

We have nothing else to say only GOD LOVE HIM.