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11th Feb 2013

Irish Ladies & Love: The Homegrown Traditions

When it comes to love, Irish women are truly unique. There are certain things that we like and certain things that we hate. Here are the top six homegrown traditions that define Irish women and love...

When it comes to love, us Irish women are truly unique. We’re not fans of conventional romantic gestures and, in most cases, we’re happy with the small things.

Let’s be honest ladies, when it comes to matters of the heart, we’re pretty easy to please and those Irish men don’t have to work too hard to gain our affections. We wear our hearts on our sleeves to us, falling in love should be fun, exciting and all about the banter.

Here are the top six homegrown traditions that define Irish women and love…

6. Our appreciation for chivlary: Nothing makes us go weak at the knees faster than a man who has good manners. Having him open the door for us or holding our chair out shows that his mammy raised him well and that he respects women. If a man offers us his jacket on the way home after an evening on the town, we just know that he’s a keeper.

5. Our love for GAA players: We’re not that pushed if he knows his way around a gym or if he rock climbs on weekends, but if he knows how to handle a hurley then we literally can’t help ourselves. Footballers are so two years ago, we know that it’s all about GAA players (swoon!).

4. Giving himself the auld nudge: The reason why us Irish women are so good at relationships is because we pretty much tell himself what we want. Whether it’s leaving a magazine advert for some gorgeous jewellery under his nose ahead of our birthday or telling him that we’d rather have a gorgeous homecooked meal than a swanky haute-cuisine one for Valentines Day, we give him a friendly nudge here and there and it works.

3. Our sense of humour: You’ll never find someone with a sense of humour quite like an Irish woman and this is why our relationships are always so much fun. Rather than getting upset if he does something stupid, we’re likely to just laugh it off and have the craic. We believe that a good relationship should keep you giggling and that once you have a good banter with someone, the rest just falls into place.

2. We appreciate the little things: We love it when he sends us a text just to let us know he’s been thinking about us, we love it when he buys us a bag of chips after a night out, we love it when he goes to the shop and brings us home something small – in short, we love the little things. All the grand gestures in the world can’t make up for the small things. It’s the little things that keep us feeling happy and well looked after in a relationship.

1. Nothing beats a good hug after a hard day: As a species, we’re always freezing. Even in the middle of summer. This is why we love a man who’ll just happily wrap his arms around us, give us a hug and keep us warm.

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