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20th Apr 2013

Irish Guy Wears Funny Slogan T-Shirt on ITV Quiz Show

But we can't see the UK audience getting the joke...

The UK viewers might not have gotten the slogan on his t-shirt and he might not have pocketed any money from the show but Donncha certainly gets a thumbs-up from us.

He decided to wear a t-shirt with the slogan “Few naggins they said…” onto ITV’s afternoon quiz show Tipping Point back in February.

In the show, hosted by Ben Shephard, contestants answer general knowledge questions to accumulate money. The person with the most money at the end then has a chance of winning a cash prize.

And while Donncha appeared to have earned £500 (something we doubt we would have been able to do after a few naggins), it was a woman called Julie who apparently walked away with £1,700 at the end of the episode.

Let’s face it, there’s only one way to put that sort of disappointment behind you: a few naggins!

(Also just wanted to say thank you to Lee White for sending us in the snap.)