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21st Apr 2013

Irish Guy Falls Asleep on Train… Gets Left a Note By Stranger Sitting Next to Him

Just another normal day on public transport in Ireland...

It seems an Irish guy got himself a new friend after falling asleep on a train today.

From what we can gather he seems to have dozed off after a night out on the tiles and woke up to find a note from the person who had been sitting across from him. It read: “Hope your hangover gets better! Lovely meeting you. – James.”

But the receiver isn’t too sure about the whole thing. He wrote: “The guy sitting across the way from me on the train left this for me while I was asleep. Still don’t know how to react.”

While we can see where he’s coming from (a complete stranger did just leave him a note), we reckon it would be quite a nice surprise to wake up to a note saying it was nice to meet us.

(Image via Imgur.)