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17th Jul 2015

Irish Dad Goes On A Plane For The First Time… And His Reaction Is Absolutely Priceless

He’s a bit of a legend.

He’s a bit of a legend.

One Irish daddy had the best day of his life recently when he travelled on a plane for the first time.

Patsy Carville from Newry, Co. Down, was headed to Liverpool for his daughter’s graduation day and his other daughter Michelle managed to capture his brilliant reaction on camera.

irish dad

“Myself, my sister and my daddy flew over to Liverpool for my sister’s graduation,” reader Michelle explained.

“My dad is 57 years old and has never ever been on an aeroplane and I managed to record the take off and it’s absolutely hilarious!

“On the return flight back to Ireland, he went into the cockpit to shake hands with the pilot to say thank you for getting him home safely and said, “Now I know why the pope kisses the ground in every country he arrives in”!” she added.

My daddy's first time on a plane & I managed to catch a video of "The Take Off"……it was too good not to share : ) ✈️

Posted by Michelle Carville on Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Hat tip to Michelle Carville for sending this our way.