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07th Dec 2012

Ireland’s Woes Are Becoming a Parody: The Simpsons Are Talking About Our Emerald Isle

Ireland's economic woes are so bad that even the residents of Springfield are talking about them...

It’s no secret that our economic woes are pretty bad, but it seems as though news of Ireland’s financial problems has even made it to Springfield. Oh and evil billionaire Mr Burns has kindly offered 200 of us work.

In a new viral clip for the popular animated comedy, Mr Burns is telling Smithers about how upset he is regarding the recent American presidential election.

A die-hard Romney supporter, Mr Burns then attempts to explain the fiscal cliff to viewers.

“Think of the economy as a car, and the rich man as the driver. If you don’t give the rich man all the money, he’ll drive you over the cliff. It’s common sense,” says Mr Burns.

He then goes on to outline an ingenious “progressive” immigration policy that should be put in place.

“I’ve a progressive proposal to let into this country two hundred grimy Irish men a year. I’ve got lots of potatoes that need peeling and stables to be mucked out,” he said.

Ridiculous stereotypes aside, it just goes to show that everyone (literally everyone) is talking about how bad the economic situation in Ireland actually is.