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12th Nov 2015

Instagram Star Who Quit Social Media Now Asking For Donations To Pay Her Rent

Ah here.

Megan Cassidy

Essena O’ Neill, the Instagram star who famously quit social media earlier this month, is now asking for donations on her new website.

The 18-year-old deleted her social media accounts and blasted the industry in a YouTube video, branding it fake and claiming it made her and others miserable.


She also announced the launch of her new site,, documenting her “life without social media” and promising that none of her content will be sponsored.

The website, which features videos like “What I eat in a day” and posts titled “How to make $$$ on social media”, also provides the option to offer donations.

Essena 1

She encourages users to “pay what you think it’s worth” in order to maintain her new social media-free lifestyle.

In a recent update video, she tells fans: “I can’t afford rent right now.

“It’s like I am embarrassed to admit that I need help… if this is of value to you then please support me because I can’t afford my own real life”.

“I’m not a purist. I need money to cover the basics. If you get something from what I’m doing, pay what it’s worth to you.”

Essena 3

Remember the good old days when teenagers used to get part-time jobs? Yeah us too.