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21st Feb 2013

Incredibly Romantic or Incredibly Crazy? Naked Couple Bring Traffic to Standstill!

A couple not only stopped the traffic but also kept the police busy for two hours to prove that they are in love.

A couple, banned from seeing each other by their parents, has held a naked protest on a bridge in China.

The two lovers took off their clothes, embraced each other and threatened to leap from the motorway flyover all in the name of love.

Not only did they bring the traffic to a standstill but they managed to keep the authorities busy for over two hours.


Bridge protests are becoming more common in the country.

According to they told onlookers in Guangzhou: “Our parents say we can’t be together but we want to show people we have nothing to hide.

“We won’t come down until everyone has seen how much we mean to each other and that our parents will never be able to pull us apart.”

The lovers eventually handed themselves over to the authorities and may have gotten in trouble considering that nudity is still a taboo in China.

A police spokesman said:  “Our biggest problem was blocking the traffic so motorists didn’t drive into each other trying to get a better look.”

Now we’ll admit that we’re all for grand gestures and great love stories but this is something else entirely!