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10th Dec 2012

“I’m Dreaming of a White (House) Christmas…” – Obama Christmas Card for 2012 Revealed

One very important Obama family member takes centre stage for the 2012 White House Christmas card.

The official Christmas card from one of the most famous residences in the world is sporting the same cover star for the second year in a row.

First Dog Bo is seen sporting a scarf and frolicking in the snow in the ‘holiday card’ released by the White House.

The card is a painting created by artist Larassa Kabel, who based it on a similar photograph of Bo, minus the scarf.

It’s another starring role in the First Family Christmas for Bo, who can be seen inspecting the White House decorations in this adorable video.

It’s the fourth Christmas card from the Obamas since they moved in to the famous dwelling in January of 2009, and arguably the nicest one yet. Well we think so anyway, here are the cards from the last three years so you can judge for yourself…


Bo seen relaxing in front of a roaring fire


Another snowy scene, based on a February 2010 snap


Very understated for the Obamas first Christmas in the White House