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09th Nov 2014

#ICYMI – Our Favourite Stories This Week

A Whatsapp fail, a stunning cover and the first of the Christmas adverts.


Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week.

Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy!


Liz’s Choice: Cause He’s All About That Face

Liz says: I’m all about Movember. I think it’s a great way of raising awareness and fundraising while looking after men’s health. So when Ryan Watson overcame his battle with cancer, he decided to use some pretty impressive beat box skills to turn this year’s greatest hit into a talking point this November.

Unfortunately, everyone is affected by cancer. So when you see someone taking their fight, battling through and still standing there with a smile on their face, they have nothing but my complete admiration.

Besides, he’s a pretty decent singer too.

Read the full story here.


Cathy’s Choice: Designs on Romeo

Cathy says: Now we’re in November, it’s perfectly acceptable to start getting excited for Christmas… right?!

While I love the new John Lewis one, I also adore Burberry’s ‘From London With Love’ starring the adorable Romeo Beckham. Pretty dresses, a stunning soundtrack and plenty of snow, it’s pretty much Christmas perfection.

Read the full story here.


Mary’s Choice: Monty’s Marvellous Christmas

Mary says: My favourite story of the week had to be the release of the new John Lewis Christmas advert on Thursday. The ads are a major sign that Christmas is coming and the story of Monty the Penguin is truly full of Christmas magic… have the tissues ready though as it is a bit of a tear-jerker!

Read the full story here.


Michelle’s Choice: Whatsapp with Dad?

Michelle says: I think every Irish family can probably relate to this Whatsapp fail, given that most of us have at least one older family member who struggles to grasp new technology. This poor Irish dad had only the best intentions when messaging his son after a call home, but he didn’t take into account the fact that he was using a group messaging system. Awkward.

Read the full story here.


Rebecca’s Choice: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Rebecca says: ​I know it’s not a ground-breaking story but I love the fact that actress Margot Robbie is making a name for herself in Hollywood. I remember watching her in Neighbours so I’ve been a fan since then and think it’s great that she’s being hailed as a rising star. Also, her dress? Stunning! The girl can do no wrong.

Read the full story here.


Marie’s Choice: Criminal Attraction

Marie says: My favourite story this week has to be the ‘new sexy mugshot guy’ for the simple reason that it caused a great divide at the desk. While I fell madly in love with the dreadlocked hottie, some of the girls reckon he needs a haircut… and maybe a wash. All thoughts to @Herdotie please!

Read the full story here.


Grace’s Choice: Royal Rock Gets Happy

Grace says: At this stage I have expressed my love for rockers Royal Blood probably a little too much. The dogs on the street know of my obsession with Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, and folks, it has just intensified…

‘Amazing’ gets thrown around quite a lot when it comes to music but this BBC Radio One Live Lounge performance from the pair is just that. I’m still ranting and raving about the lads’ performance at Dublin’s Academy last week but this cover of Pharrell Williams’ Happy sent into somewhat of a meltdown. Just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore they go and do this…

Read the full story here.