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09th Oct 2014

“I Was Sure It Was All Fear” – Irish TV Presenter Shares Heart-Warming Pet Adoption Story

How one lonely pup found a very happy new home.

Rebecca McKnight

Anyone who believes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never had a dog. 

Animal lovers across the country are speaking out this week to mark World Animal Week. Among them is TV presenter and actress Caroline Morahan. Caroline took to her Facebook page to share the heart-warming story of her pet adoption.

Three years ago, the former host of Off The Rails visited a pound to give one lonely canine a second chance at finding a forever home. She fell in love with the one dog who wouldn’t have anything to do with her, convinced that the poor creature was terrified and desperately lonely. Happily, she found a new home and a loving carer in Caroline, and if you’re an animal lover too this will melt your heart.


Caroline wrote:

Three years ago we went to the pound in search of a dog. 

The place was packed with gorgeous animals of all ages, breeds and sizes. Flouting the signs everywhere saying do not put your hands through the bars I set about giving each dog in the place a good rub/Indian head massage combo.

I also had contraband wedged under my jacket – a box of small dog treats that I smuggled Shawshank style to the pooches. Of course given the presence of CCTV I was soon rumbled and subjected to a firm telling off. They don’t like getting sued by people who might get bitten. I was happy to take my chances.

Of all the dogs in the pound, there was just one who wouldn’t take the treat. She wouldn’t even come up to the bars. She just sat petrified, frozen at the far end of her kennel, alone. Some of the other dogs had playmates. Not this mangy mutt. 

I was told she got vicious with dogs and people. I couldn’t imagine her being vicious. She didn’t look like she had the strength for that. She was sickly thin and had the appearance of an elderly dog with her patchy matted hair.

They had picked her up as a stray some weeks ago. She’d been badly abused they thought. It’s hard for me to conceive the state of mind someone would have to be in to treat an animal like that. But some people have unspeakable hardship in their lives and at times they’ll take that out on an innocent creature. Since her arrival at the pound, no-one had shown any interest in taking her home.

I knew immediately she would be ours.

After we had paid to have her spayed and vaccinated, they allowed us to return to claim her. We were waiting in a holding area for what seemed like forever. “There’s a problem with the dog,” said one of the staff dressed in navy overalls and gloves brandishing a long pole with a retractable collar device at the end.

It turned out the dog was so vicious he couldn’t even approach her to get the collar around her neck. She would go insane any time he came near.

This was not good news.

But I was sure that it was all fear.

So I asked if I could have a go. I went into the kennel area, lay down on the cold concrete on my belly and peered through the small opening into her cell. I told the frightened dog, with a set of gnashers that could undoubtedly do serious damage, that we were here to bring her home.

I must have looked like a lunatic lying face down on the dirty floor (in my favourite yellow cashmere cardi I hate to add!) but I didn’t give a toss.

I told her she we had a warm bed waiting and that she would like living with us. She looked at me with wide brown eyes, stopped baring her teeth at the man in overalls and then she made a decision. She walked from the back of her kennel through the open door and into my arms.

I couldn’t believe it.
Once she knew she was safe, any vicious tendencies just melted away.

From the moment we got her we were smitten. For three or four weeks she was silent but then one day she emitted the tiniest, faltering bark. She had at last found her voice. We were over the moon! After a few weeks of jumping at the slightest noise or sudden movement she gradually began to relax and gain confidence. Within 6 months she was unrecognisable from her former self – prancing proudly around and loving life.

Now she is a daily joy who makes me smile when I’m feeling crappy and is a constant source of entertainment and most of all – love.

Why am I bothering to share all this? Because I wanted to say if you or anyone you know is thinking of getting a pet I beg of you, GO TO AN ANIMAL SHELTER. The joy you will give and receive is immeasurable. 

This week is ‪#‎WorldAnimalWeek‬ Be good to our furry, feathered and hairy friends! They have so much to teach us xxxx