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22nd Mar 2013

“I Want To Play A Game…” Cheeky Driver Decides To Get Even With The Local Traffic Wardens

If you're a driver, chances are you'll see the funny side of this story...

Traffic wardens, watch out! This could start happening in your jurisdiction pretty soon. A cheeky driver in the UK decided to play a game with his local parking authorities and we have to admit, it made us laugh.

It goes without saying that every driver out there will feel a certain level of frustration when it comes to parking wardens. They seem to possess the magical superpower of just knowing when the time on your parking ticket is about to run out.

The note stuck to the windscreen in the above picture reads: “Hello Traffic Warden, I want to play a game…” and it features the creepy puppet from the Saw films. Shudder.

The picture came to our attention after it was tweeted out by the radio DJ John Myers (@johnmyersteam).