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09th Feb 2013

I Love You! Irish Emigrant Declares Love With This Cute Sign For “Bunny”

Bunny, we hope you see this!

Is your nickname Bunny? If so, there’s someone desperately trying to get a hold of you on Bride Street in Dublin 8.

We have to admit it’s pretty cute that someone has gone to the trouble of putting up a sign just to let Bunny know how much they’re loved.

The picture was posted on Reddit Ireland by the user darraghd. Darragh speculates that it’s from an Irish emigrant who is currently in Australia.

The sign reads: “Didn’t get a chance to send a card, Oz without you, is just too hard. So I’ll be home soon & down on one knee. I love you Bunny, please wait for me. Love B XXXX.”

It’s interesting to note that the declaration is just around the corner from this piece of street art too:

Bunny, we hope you see this sign!