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02nd Mar 2013

“I Fiona, Take You…” – Is This The Weirdest Wedding Theme Ever?

Couple recreate their favourite film for their big day

When planning a wedding, lots of brides and grooms like to pick a theme for their special day. 

From ceremonies conducted in old barns to receptions with a bit of a vintage feel, your simple church service followed by dinner, cake and a bit of a boogie with your ancient relatives just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

And for one British couple, their wedding day provided the perfect opportunity for the cartoon loving pair to recreate their favourite film. 

Walking down the aisle in her white lace gown, Heidi Bellas looked just like any other bride, but when she turned to face her groom at the top, she was met with a bright green Shrek look-a-like.

There really are no words…

Dressed in full medieval fare, the groom Paul also had his face painted bright green, was wearing a headpiece and had green paw-shaped gloves.

And following their ‘I do’s’, Heidi in true Princess Fiona style, had her face painted to match. 

Transformation/ceremoney complete!

The couple’s four-year-old son Leo also dressed for the occasion in a donkey onesie and guests wore fairytale-inspired costumes too.

Their son as Donkey…

It wouldn’t be our cup of tea, but at least they know nobody will ever try to copy their wedding…