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11th Mar 2013

“I Don’t Wanna Wait” – Ten Reasons We Miss Dawson’s Creek

The last episode aired in 2003, but we are still mourning its loss...

Dawson’s Creek first hit our television screens in 1998 and became compulsory viewing for all those aged 13-18 at the time. Would Dawson and Joey EVER get together? Why did that Jen girl have to turn up and ruin everything? These were the dilemmas we faced every week… Here are ten reasons why we miss it so much.

1. The Joey/Dawson Saga

Every episode, Joey would crawl in Dawson’s window and proceed to launch into another particularly speedy conversation. It was only after the first few episodes that we noticed there was more to this than met the eye… Then the “will they, won’t they” began. Good lord, it was almost as bad as Ross and Rachel. Come on, Dawson! She’s a hot girl who pays you a lot of attention, puts up with that hairstyle and crawls in your window every night. Do we have to spell it out for you? So began five years of major TV frustration.

2. Would Dawson EVER become a film director?

His room was covered in Steven Spielberg posters and he never missed an opportunity to follow around people with that god forsaken camera, we wonder what Dawson wanted to become… He obviously had a natural talent for script writing since he seemed to be a walking thesaurus.

3. A whole new vocabulary

Which brings us to something else we miss terribly about the show; we thought we learnt everything we needed to know from our English classes in school but oh no, we learnt new vocabulary every week with Dawson’s Creek. Joey: “Cramming dreary German folk tales and the inner workings of the Fett is hard enough without having to listen to a diatribe about your ass.” What? Who talks like that!? You’re 16!!!!

4. Joey Singing

Before Les Mis, there was Joey Potter. Le sigh.

5. The Joey/Pacey Saga

Hang on Joey, we were betting our future existences on the fact that you would hook up with Dawson, what’s this about Pacey? We didn’t really see this one coming, even though Pacey was hanging around like a lovesick puppy. We just always thought this was a distraction. Our teenage hormones were just not prepared for this.

6. Pacey… in general

Joshua Jackson.  That is all.

7. The BEST theme song ever

I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over (there were variations of that, no one actually knew the lyrics). Didn’t we all own the soundtrack?

8. The Dawson Sad Face

This face which spiralled to a million different gifs. Genius.

9. Why did this Jen girl turn up? We don’t like her.

Just as we thought the whole Dawson/Joey thing was hotting up, some blonde, who was a little on the racy side, showed up in the Creek. SEND HER BACK! Why are we getting so upset? They are not real people. And how bad did we look when Michelle Williams turned out to be the best cast member… Awkward.


10. Unrealistic Romantic Gestures

Sure every guy we have ever gone out with has built us a white-picket fence, it’s just standard procedure really.

And then there’s Family Guy…