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30th Aug 2017

Humans of New York has released its first emotional video series

We are already hooked.

Now this is powerful.

Beloved photographic series, Humans of New York has added a new element that is both captivating and emotional. A video series based on 1,200 interviews over the past four years.

Created by Brandon Stanton, this blog started as part of a photography project but he shortly realised its impact as it gained momentum and followers, with people from all over the world reading and reacting to the stories of the New Yorkers he captured on the streets.

Now with a following of over 18 million people, Humans of New York has added a video series. The videos feature different people that he has met over the course of the past few years. All the people interviewed come from different walks of life and all with a different story to tell.

The first video which is 22 minutes in length premiered yesterday exclusively on Facebook and we are obsessed with it. Having shared moments of laughter, tears and anger with the project over the years, this latest installment will have you speechless.

Speaking in a statement, Brandon said: “Early on I realized that video would add a deeper layer to Humans of New York. At the heart of all these posts are the conversations themselves. I’m often deeply moved by the people I meet. Or they make me laugh. Or they make me think. And I always do my best to recreate the experience through photos and words. But I always knew that video would provide the closest thing to actually being there.”

The videos will be released every Tuesday and each video will be approximately  20-30 minutes in length.

You can watch the first one here.