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18th Mar 2013

How Not To Apologise: Little Boy Lands Himself In More Trouble After Writing This Hilarious ‘Sorry’ Letter

Now THAT's passive aggression...

Ah kids, they do the most hilarious things sometimes, don’t they? Case in point? Check out this hilarious letter of apology from one boy to his little brother.

The Huffington Post reports that Tyler was told to apologise to his younger brother after he kicked him during a game of “light as a feather.” Tyler was instructed to write his brother, Jase, a letter to express how sorry he was for his actions.

Can we just say that Tyler came up with the most passive-aggressive, non-apologetic letter we’ve ever seen?

Here’s the full text of what it says, just in case you’re struggling to read the above picture:

“Dear Jase,

I’m sorry for kicking you with a feather. Kicking is not okay because it hurts people. Also don’t forget about the time when you were a baby – a crying little devil – but I liked you and now you still are a crying little devil who gets away with everything.

I remember when Layla used your carpet as a diaper. Ha, ha and ha.



So basically what Tyler is trying to say is that he’s not really sorry and his little brother is still a crying devil-child. Nice.

We wonder how much time Ty got in the naughty corner for coming up with this?