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13th Feb 2013

How I Met Your Mammy: Did You Spot The Irish Products That Made A Cameo In The Hit US Sitcom?

The image appeared for a split-second during the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother, when Ted was talking about stocking up on food.


Did you catch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother that aired in the states? We’re only asking because it had a significantly Irish scene in it.

Originally posted by those sharp-eyed folks on Reddit Ireland, the above image appeared for a split-second during the episode when Ted was explaining how he had stocked up on food just in case a storm hit New York and he was unable to leave his bedroom as a result.

The image, which features Siucra and a few other Irish food favorites,  appears for less than a second and none of the items in the picture are referenced thoughout the episode.

Now, we’ll admit that at first we were a little sceptical about this picture. So we had a watch of the episode ourselves just to make sure that the image was actually legit. Sure enough, it’s not a fake.

We still don’t know who the ‘mother’ from How I Met Your Mother is…

So what does it all mean? Well, either Ted loves his Irish grub or, according to speculation on Reddit, there’s someone on the How I Met Your Mother editing team who likes to sneak in little postcards from home (apparently a still image of University College Cork was shown in a previous episode too).

Or, if you want to get really ‘conspiracy-theory-esque’  about the entire thing, the Irish images could mean that Ted’s future wife (and the mother at the centre of the serires) is actually Irish and this is just a teaser of what’s to come.

But honestly? The editing staff probably just grabbed a random image without thinking about the significance that any of the items actually had.