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08th Feb 2013

How Far Would You Go For Your Caffeine Addiction?

For one couple, an extra shot just isn't enough...

From extra large lattes to a cheeky can of Red Bull come four o’clock we’re all guilty of hitting the caffeine a little too hard at one time or another.

But for one Florida couple, their caffeine addiction is so acute they’ve taken to injecting it in their colons for an instant hit up to four times a day.

Appearing on the new series of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, Mike and Trina spend most of their day in the bathroom administering coffee enemas.

The whole ritual takes five hours between preparation and administering the drip but the couple are able to take such long periods out of their day because they both work from home.

Speaking to ABC News, Trina said “I love the way it makes me feel. It gives me a sense of euphoria.”

Taking coffee love to a whole new level…

Their addiction began two years ago, when Trina started using coffee enemas to treat her digestive and liver problems.

Although no medical study has ever confirmed any health benefits of coffee enemas, “I felt like I was living for the first time in years,” she said.

Mike confesses his first reaction to his wife’s habit was, “Oh my god, how disgusting.” But he then gave it a try, “and now I am addicted,” he says.

Doctors and family members have warned against the enemas – which can cause dehydration, internal burns and even heart failure – but the couple say they have no intention of cutting back.

“We can’t live without them,” said Trina.

Something tells us that we might be cured of our morning coffee run habit come Monday…