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05th Mar 2013

How A Little Help Can Go A Long Way: The Story That Will Make You Feel All Warm Inside Today

The tale of how one man got to spend his mum's last moments with her.

It’s stories like this that make our hearts feel all warm again, it’s always good to hear the occasional story of someone going the extra mile to help somebody else.

A San Francisco man found himself in the horrific position when he had to make an unexpected trip to Texas to see his mother in the last few hours before she passed away.

The trip was going to require two flights and he knew he would be risking it with the little time in between the two journeys, reported his friend Christopher Elliot saying.

“I knew this itinerary was a risk because the stopover in Houston was only about 40 minutes and my connecting flight was the last flight that day,” he told Elliot.

“But I needed to get there as soon as possible, so I took the risk.”

Things got off to a poor start for the man as the flight out of San Francisco was delayed.

Noticing that the man was clearly worried, the United flight attendants comforted the passenger and provided the plane’s captain with the number of his connecting flight.

When he landed in Houston, he’d assumed that the second plane to his trip had already departed but he ran to the gate where a flight attendant met him and told him they’d been expecting him.

“That’s when I knew they had conspired to help me,” the passenger said.

“She waved me onto the plane without looking at my boarding pass.”

The passenger’s mother passed away the next day.

He said, “When she died, I realised I was wiping my tears away with the extra napkins that the flight attendant had given me the day before.”