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28th Feb 2013

House Up For Sale: The Best Irish Property Ad You’ll Ever See

A bit of wit and a slice of humour can make one run-down property the next must-have house...

Didn’t they always say that honesty was the best policy?

Well, this is the method one property website user decided to go with…

If the house doesn’t have any architectural grandeur to show off, why not add a bit of flair to the advert with words instead?

If it’s “Location, location, location” you’re chanting to yourself, this Howth abode could have it. If it’s a ready-to-live-in, put-your-feet-up-on-the-first-night house you’re looking for, this probably isn’t it.

But this Daft user wasn’t going to try and fool anyone, so instead a few words inspired by the late Roy Brooks makes an otherwise-dull ad very exciting.

Roy Brooks was affectionately known as the “honest estate agent”, the ad explains.

It continues:

“He will be 42 years deceased this September. His witty descriptions printed in the small ads of the Sunday Times and Observer became famous due to his unique humour in describing the run down properties he sold in 1960’s London.”

This guy’s clever Brooks-inspired blurb has us convinced this is a house full of character and personality.

So what if it doesn’t have running water or electricity? We’ll put a bid on it… Going, going, gone!